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AH it 2 persons v;ho carry the

of the deceased,         bath after burving th

The Karyain (last obseqiies) ;s pe f

or llth day  after the   occurrence   of         riI3ed on 3rd or

ceremony is                 on the third  dav

living far away are expected, the Karyam ' ^^   BUt if kinsmen

orlltbdav                                     "      1S Per^nBed on tie

The             Is

cleaned first, and               with a coati-1       ^ SitC"   The

***IljW     f^l"1* J                  JL            *t

ic lit at ffii CT%rtf       Qrvr^A   />f   tV*   P                     QHlg.      All   Oil

IS ill Si lEtC SOI.      aCISc   CI   IBC

burial Is              nd            Into the 8


The SOB, or other close relative    r

fasts that moraine.   He cooks rice in a       ^ dCCMSCd


of it to the departed man.    All           erv

*t.   xr              4n,t            !               ""Carers have to

the Karyaro.    All         iBCiiiters take Ban  -

r    t -          +i   ,   ^               %t      -          ln the feast arraBgeci

for kinsmen that afternoon, with the meat

f         T

maiB persons like the chief and the bier-^K

,      , ,.                                           earers are served special

meal and liquor.                                                               r

Until these         oKequecies are

of the bereaved family are prohibited fPerfmed* the

village to any other place.                       rm   goi^  ^^  the

No  further   ceremonies   ate

,      ,   4,                       S'erved.   Whenevei

clothes are piircliased, they are first

before actBally wearing them.   Probabl

J I?s is dee to contact

with the Hindus.

The Gada^as have a primitive fea^   ^

.    t          ear of death.   They believe

that the dead person hovers in the air   u

.     *        r     ^   *v     *-i *v      * B5seen, at nights for the

first nine days after death until the finai oK

They teller that the devil tries to nt         " ^ ^^^^

f                                                ^ier the houses at night,